Photographer Ektor Angelomatis works with designers from around the globe, from Los Angeles to London, Boston to Paris. From a conceptual ad campaign to a personalized photo session, Ektor hand selects talented stylists and makeup artists, sources cutting-edge garments, and scouts unique venues for each project.

Whether he is photographing a team of models in the latest collection of an internationally renowned costume designer or working with a private client on her personal boudoir project, creating artful, expressive images and fine tuning the smallest details of each and every frame is his top concern.

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From the simplest studio shoot to the most elaborate and demanding on-location sets, Malktime Photography concentrates on the details to bring to life the creations of designers and artists from around the world. There is always a story to be told — a vision to be depicted — and by employing conceptually narrative moods and meticulously planned settings, Malktime can tell this story.

From gowns to lingerie, millinery to shoes, complete concept creation and storyboarding is an integral part of each fashion photography package, creating vivid and memorable images for designers and their brands. When needed and depending on the breadth of the shoot, Malktime Photography works with acclaimed lighting and set designers, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and production managers.


Boudoir photography is sensually elegant, personal storytelling of the female form. Nudity is more often implied than explicit, and dress can range from lingerie to fully clothed to partially nude. While boudoir is traditionally shot in a bedroom with soft lighting, contemporary boudoir settings may utilize studios, industrial spaces, hotels, or the outdoors.

Malktime Photography is a professional, highly sought-after boudoir photographer whose clients praise him for making them feel relaxed and natural, resulting in the most expressive pictures. Professionally-trained hair and makeup artists are used on set at each and every shoot.


Jewelry, Products, and Spaces

In addition to purely artistic endeavors, Malktime Photography offers a range of commercial photography services:

  • Jewelry photography for seasonal lookbooks, websites, and editorial ad campaigns
  • Architectural and interior design photography (i.e. cafés and restaurants, shops, hotels, and residences)
  • Product and food photography for online stores, menus, and other promotional uses


From Los Angeles to Athens, Paris to Boston, travel is the lifeblood of Malktime Photography. We have arranged shoots and traveled for work extensively and thrive on the wealth of experience and connection that each trip brings. Don't let distance limit you — if you or your company would like to book a shoot that would require travel, let's discuss it. Please contact Malktime and also check back on occasion because when tours are arranged, they will be announced here.