Client Testimonials


Charles Mouchtaris
Architect, Athens, Greece

I met Ektor at a bar one summer. We had a good long talk about what we each do for a living and although you often meet people who like what they do, Ektor genuinely loves what he does. He has a passion about photography that stuck with me for months to come.
My collaboration with him started on a gut feeling. I have worked with various photographers in the past and none run the ‘extra mile’ quite like Ektor does. Like myself, he takes pride in his work which I appreciate immensely. No matter the project, I can always count on him to very quickly understand my vision and translate it to imagery. His charming personality is always a winner with my clients and each shoot is a day to look forward to with Ektor.



Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

I had the pleasure of working with Ektor on a boudoir shoot in an old-fashioned apartment in Harvard Square. From the moment I arrived, Ektor showed me great professionalism and kindness. 

When I set up my shoot with Ektor, I was slightly nervous due to the fact that he's a man, and the first male photographer I've ever modeled for at that! Let me tell you, not once during my time there, or while shooting did I fixate on his gender. This is because there is a calmness that comes with what Ektor does and you can guarantee he is nothing short of professional the entire time through. Right after we started shooting, I felt my initial nerves melt away quickly and was able to really feel comfortable and confident in what I was doing. I even surprised myself and came further out of my shell than I had expected! I was very at ease and impressed with Ektor's creativity behind the camera! 

To anyone looking to model or work alongside Ektor, I would absolutely recommend doing so! He is a wonderful person, with a true passion for the work he produces. In addition to that, if you are looking to work with him doing hair, makeup or styling, Ektor is a great person to work alongside due to his vision and ability to translate it so well to other creatives on set. Overall, I highly recommend Malktime Photography!



NS Place: Luxury apartments
Athens, Greece

Working with Ektor was delightful. Due to the size of our apartments, it is often very hard to capture their size and feel. From our first meeting with Ektor we immediately got the feeling that he understood exactly what we were looking for and, lo and behold, did he deliver!  We have done numerous shoots with him so far and each one is better than the one before! Ektor manages to somehow bring the beauty out in each space whether you are browsing it on your phone or on a large monitor. His enthusiasm is infectious making it a pleasure to book our next appointment with him. 



Mirjam Lehtonen
Costume designer, Finland

I worked with Ektor in 2014 for a shoot of one of my costume collections. I'm extremely pleased how everything turned out. He's a talented photographer, nice guy and also extremely professional, and that made working with him very easy and effortless.

My gowns are very valuable, unique pieces and sending them abroad (I live and work in Finland) is always a stress. However, with Ektor, communication was spot on and I knew he handled my goods with all the respect I hoped for, producing stunning images with such a passion for photographing. I can warmly recommend his services!



A. W.
New England, USA

Being the subject of any artist's focus is a wonderful experience. Ektor is not just any artist, though! He has tremendous talent and a deep respect for the process of creating art, which is his primary goal in boudoir photography. Our shoot was an experience I will always remember; and the resulting photos are works of art that I treasure.

Before my shoot with Ektor, my girlfriends asked me if I was nervous about working with a male boudoir photographer. I explained that the moment I met Ektor, any concerns I had completely vanished. Ektor approaches all aspects of his work with the utmost professionalism, but also has a naturally warm and outgoing personality. Ektor made sure that I was comfortable with every decision involved in the process, from outfits to poses to what music we played in the background. When I saw the photos, I was struck by how much of my personality Ektor captured. The pictures were sexy, but not in a stilted way. Each pose was born of my natural movements, even if we loosely based a particular idea on other photographs that inspired us. 

I could not be happier with my experience working with Ektor, and with the photos he took! Needless to say, my partner was thrilled with the results as well. Malktime Photography is a perfect choice for boudoir photography. I hope to work with Ektor again in the future.



Angela C.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Since I had been admiring the work of Malktime Photography, I was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it. With this being my first shoot, I was a bit nervous about how well I would do. I was told by a friend who had worked with Ektor that he was very laid back and would help me feel comfortable. She could not have been more right! I completely enjoyed the whole process, from our first communication to the very last shot, and am beyond pleased with how the photos came out. Since sharing the first series of photos, I've received several requests from photographers asking to work with me. I'm so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of Malktime's beautiful art and can't wait for the next time around. 



Stavi Avanidis
Avanidis Jewelry, Athens, Greece

I hired Malktime Photography to shoot a seasonal line of jewelry and charms for my shop. I had previously hired another photographer to do it, but was very unhappy with the work. Ektor exceeded all of my expectations. He treated the shoot with professionalism, bringing his own lighting and creating a lightbox for each item in my store. The finished photos were stunning and as I created ads using them, they resulted in my selling out of the entire line during the holiday season!



Caitlin F.
Boston, Massachusetts

Working with Ektor of Malktime Photography was a breeze and an amazing experience! As a model, it's hard to feel comfortable around new photographers, but his warm personality killed any doubts or insecurities. 

Shooting was smooth and fun, a great collaborative experience, and the resulting images are some of my favorite shots to date. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to shoot classy and sexy images! 



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